Kanye West has been teasing his new album for over a month and has said on Twitter that when it comes out it's going to be the "best of all time." However, Tuesday night, the "Stronger" rapper backtracked his previous declaration.

Kanye posted on Twitter that he wanted to make an album to "honor his idols" because he's been inspired by so many musicians over the years. Out of his admiration and respect for other artists, Kanye decided his new album might not be the best ever, but it will be up there with the greats. You can see his tweets below.

Kanye might also be taking back the album title he revealed to the world on Twitter. After he announced the album would be called "Swish," he decided to change the name to "Waves." Now it looks like the rapper could once again be changing the title.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye's wife, posted a tweet asking fans which album title they liked better, "Swish" or "Waves," on Monday. She then put out another poll immediately after adding the name "So Help Me God." When the poll closed, "So Help Me God" came out on top, getting 46 percent of the votes.

While the album name hasn't been officially changed yet, there are signs that a change could be coming. On Kanye's ticketing site for his Season 3 premiere event at Madison Square Garden in New York, "Swish" has been removed from the event information. Instead it now says "the world premiere of the new album in its entirety." You can see a tweet from a fan who noticed the change below.

It's unknown if Kanye's brief feud with Wiz Khalifa contributed to him questioning the name of the album. Khalifa and Kanye went back and forth with one another on Twitter on Jan. 27 after Khalifa said Kanye wasn't "Wavy" enough to name the album "Waves." The two have since made peace with one another.

Kanye's new album will be released Feb. 11. So far, the rapper has released the songs "No More Parties In LA," "Real Friends," "Wolves," and "Fade." He is expected to premiere all of the new songs at the Season 3 event this month.