New Jersey police are searching for Kara Alongi, a 16-year-old Clark resident who went missing after posting a suspicious Twitter message that went viral and resulted in the launch several search parties.   

According to authorities, Alongi is "still listed as missing" in a case that is lacking developments but is currently active. Sgt. Vincent Concina told reports that they police have contacted Alongi's parents and "made them aware that we're still searching and if they have any info they can call us," he said.

Reports indicate that at 6:12 p.m. Sunday, @KaraAlongi tweeted, "There is somone in my hour ecall 911 [sic]."

The post caused a frantic outburst of response messages and even resulted in nationally trending hashtag #helpfindkara.

While authorities are taking the missing persons case extremely seriously, the Twitter trend prompted some users of the social media site to question the legitimacy of the situation.

"I'm not sure about how I feel about #helpfindkara. I feel like there is a great possibility it's true or a big lie. Lets hope for the best," tweeted @ryan_temple.

"This #helpfindkara thing is bugging me out, and the fact that she tweeted for someone to call 911 just freaks me out so much," posted @KyleCoelhoo.

One Twitter user even went as far as to suggest that Alongi faked her disappearance and planned the Twitter message that has given this case national notoriety. The user tweeted this then deleted it: "What a joke. #helpfindkara @KaraAlongi," @KristaLong20 tweeted.

Coinciding with how many of these cases start out, the search spread to other social media sites including Facebook, where approximately a half-dozen pages popped up dedicated to finding Alongi.

Several media outlets are reporting that Clark police chief Alan Scherb said there were no signs of foul play at Alongi's Hall Drive home Sunday evening. In addition, canine units were brought in to aid in the search.

Anyone with information on Alongi's whereabouts has been urged to Clark police at 732-388-3434.