Kate Gosselin, the American television personality and mother of eight, ran the Zappos.com Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon on Sunday.

Woke up&realized its M DAY!...Some fear but mostly excitement! I'm carbed up&almost rdy.....tired of thinking @ it...so let's run already! she tweeted that morning.

Before embarking on the 26.2 mile journey she tweeted, I'm making the walk....of death, lol! Here I go! Game on!!!!

Gosselin completed the race in pretty good time considering it was her first marathon. She finished in four hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds. A lot slower than I hoped but I finished & I'm happy! Gosselin wrote on Twitter on Dec. 5. So sore last pm-hard X walking... but today less sore & back in heels! Gosselin continued. Yes, ready to start training for next 1... to beat my X! she added.

She also mentioned that she enjoyed a meal splurge and tweeted: I ate 2.5 huge pieces of pizza and some penne pasta and a coke- not diet mind you! :)

Gosselin has been running for about three years and trained for the race near her home in Wernersville, Pa.