Kate Middleton has long been referred to as one of the most relatable British royals, repeatedly wearing her infamous fashion pieces and breaking long-practiced, grandiose family traditions, but that may no longer be the case.

According to a new report from U.K. Yahoo Lifestyle, the 32-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is not a fan of the public copying her popular style choices. Fashion industry insiders suggest that Middleton “deliberately waits” to sport designer pieces seasons after they’re released so her fans won’t be able to purchase identical items.

“Kate’s clever and often waits before she wears pieces,” Caroline Smiley, the owner of the fashion brand Moloh, which Middleton has worn in the past, told the site. “She’s very much in control of her image, and I’m sure she likes the idea things aren’t still in the shops when she buys them so not everyone can run out and buy her look.”

While Middleton sometimes wears designer pieces long after they’re released (The Duchess was seen sporting seasons-old pieces during the Australia/New Zealand tour in April), that doesn’t mean the Duchess isn’t first in line to receive Moloh's newest collections.

“We send our look book to Kate’s office first before sending to our wider mailing list,” Smiley’s daughter Sarah confirmed. “As we only produce 20 or 30 of each garment, each style is limited. We usually receive a call within a couple of days from one of her staff, who lists the pieces she has selected.”

Despite the designer family’s claims, the Duchess’ approach to fashion hasn’t stopped items she’s sported in years past from flying off shelves. One extreme example: Middleton's decision to wear a $325 Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress in Winmalee, Australia, in April 2013, made headlines for selling out in eight minutes after she was photographed wearing the white and navy ensemble

“It’s really good for business obviously [when she wears our designs],” fashion designer Jonathan Saunders, last made famous by the Duchess after wearing his red/pink coat to an appearance in Scotland in May, told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I think that people really respect her as a person, and she epitomizes a young person that has brains and not just a pretty face.”