Kate Middleton's topless-photo scandal has caused a huge uproar online, with many U.K. citizens feeling insulted that anyone would publish those kinds of pictures of their possible future queen consort.

Showing solidarity with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- and a wee bit more -- the site Nips Out for Kate features pictures of British men bearing their nipples while wearing masks of Kate Middleton and other royals.

The site notes its purpose is to "show solidarity with our future queen in her time of need" -- and it's just as amazing as it sounds.

Check out some of the best pictures from Nips Out for Kate below. They may not be as tantalizing as the topless Kate Middleton photos, but they're certainly something worth seeing.




The topless photos of Kate Middleton emerged this week when the French magazine Closer published them in its latest issue. The response from Buckingham Palace was anger and shock, and the U.K.'s royal family will be suing Closer.

"It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them," St. James' Palace said in a statement. "Officials acting on behalf of their royal highnesses are consulting with lawyers to consider what options may be available to the duke and duchess" of Cambridge.

In an interview published in the French newspaper L'Express, the editor of the Closer weekly magazine, Laurence Pieau, defended her decision to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton.

Pieau also said she is surprised by the magnitude of the uproar over the photographs. "I'm surprised by the pandemonium provoked by the publication of these photographs in London where the British press has issued insults and threats toward me," she said.

"It is as if we had killed Princess Diana for a second time! The whole thing is absurd and disproportionate. They seem to forget that it was the Anglo-Saxons who invented the tabloids."