Kate Moss planned a celebrity 'his and her' burial site with her rocker boyfriend Jamie Vince at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, France. The graves of Jim Morrison of Doors, Oscar Wilde and composer Frederic Chopin can also be found at the cemetery.

The 36-year-old model wants to rest in this exalted company in her afterlife if it can be arranged, Dailystar.co.uk reported. However, graveyard officials maintain that there are no vacant plots.

Kate got this morbid idea after visiting the famous graveyard, which is a tourist site, in 2007. She is not the only celebrity to have planned such burial. Angelina Jolie had a similar idea when she booked plots in Louisiana along with Billy Bob Thornton, her ex-husband. Obviously this plan has been abandoned since she later moved in with Brad Pitt.

Kate is one of the world's highest paid models with her earnings in the $10 million bracket. She has modeled for every big name in the fashion industry and has appeared on the covers of nearly 300 magazines. She has launched a fashion line with Topshop and her own fragrance. She has been in rehab for drug-related problems but seems to have overcome the habit.