Kate Gosselin is taking a stroll down memory lane. During episode 8 of “Kate Plus 8,” the 40-year-old reality star will relive some moments from her past — some cringe-worthy moments to be exact.

According to the synopsis of the upcoming, Season 4 installment, titled “Kate’s Advice,” Kate will watch clips from previous seasons of the TLC show, hoping to give her “younger, less-experienced, self” some advice.

“Exhaustion and parenting go hand-in-had and it’s a shame because exhaustion makes you miss a lot of memories,” the mother of sextuplets and twins explains. “I’ve lived most of my life exhausted — most parents will probably agree.”

So, what tips does the “older and wise” version of Kate have for new parents? “Sleep when you can, eat when you can, exercise when you can, make a memory when you can,” she says. “Man, it’s a job.”

Audiences can witness Kate at “work” in the upcoming episode when the mother of eight attempts to solve the case of the unscrewed doorknob — an installment previously aired during “Jon and Kate Plus 8." In the episode, Kate confronts her children about the destruction of a dresser.

“Oof. My voice sounds like it is booming to Texas,” Kate watches her younger self react to the situation. “Yes, I was yelling and I’m not proud of it and I’m not excusing it but it sounds a lot louder than in real life.”

Kate continues to cringe as she watches herself scold her children in the old episode from a season that previously starred both her and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. The two divorced in 2009. However, Kate continues to stand her ground, noting that she doesn’t believe she was completely out of line for reprimanding her kids.

“I am never going to condone property destruction — it’s very close to the tippy top of rules you just don’t break in this house. And they already knew that [it] was a bad thing because they kept trying to blame it on other people,” she said, adding that her children "to this day" continue to point fingers.

Audiences can watch Kate Gosselin relive her “Jon and Kate Plus 8” days when the TLC series airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST.