Former “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” star Kathryn Erbe will be resurrecting her role as Detective Alexandra Eames on an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: SVU.”

Erbe, who has already guest-starred in one episode of the show's ongoing 14th season, will make her second appearance on an upcoming May 8 episode, TVLine reports.

"What happens is so big, she's called in," “SVU” Executive Producer Warren Leight told TVLine. According to Leight, Erbe’s character will be assisting Detective Fin Tutuola, an ex-narcotics officer, when someone from his past returns to trouble him. “SVU’s” Ice-T  portrays Tutuola.

According to Leight, Ice-T was the one who suggested Erbe’s inclusion in the new episode. “He said, ‘I saw after that Rollins-and-her-sister episode, the fans really like it when we’re in harm’s way,” Leight told TVLine. “‘And don’t forget, I used to be a narcotics officer. There’s got to be a lot of people who want me dead.’”

Rap artist 2 Chainz will also guest-star in the episode, playing “someone Fin dealt with in the past,” Leight said. “There’s a lot of bad blood from Fin’s past involved in it.”

Prior to her guest roles on “SVU,” Erbe gained national recognition for her portrayal of the stalwart Alexandra Eames, one of the main characters of the related “Criminal Intent” series. Starting in 2001, the series aired 195 episodes over 10 seasons before it was canceled in 2011.

On “SVU,” Eames has been promoted to lieutenant and now works for a joint New York City/Homeland Security task force.

Besides her “Law & Order” roles, Erbe is best known for appearing on HBO’s critically acclaimed prison drama “Oz.”