Sources say Katy Perry broke down in tears after an emotional reuinion with her soon-to-be-ex husband Russel Brand. When the two had to meet in the Hollywood Hills to sign divorce papers--which, according to legal documents, Perry signed with a smiley face--Perry couldn't handle the emotional turmoil. She reportedly thrust her wedding ring back at Brand and broke down in a big way.

Grazia Magazine got the scoop: Katy, understandably, was in tears. She gave Russell a hug and wished him luck with everything. She was trying to remain strong but burst out crying as soon as she got into the car and sobbed her heart out.

The British actor and comic filed for divorce from Perry on December 30, just 14 months after tying the knot. The legal status of the marriage won't be 100 percent until June 30th; apparently Brand and Perry are not the only couple to have had to go their separate directions and a backlog of pending divorces must be finalized before the celebs can legally be considered split.

Thanks to her mom, Perry's already been having to deal with rumors of new relationships, specifically with Denver Broncos quaterback Tim Tebow. But this coupled with a modified Grammy performance that changed lyrics in her song Part of Me from: You can keep the dog from me, I never liked him anyway, to: Keep your diamond ring, in fact, you can keep everything - except for me sort of hints Perry's still a little hung up. (Also he denied the rumors Tuesday.) Check out the video below.

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