Katy Perry’s father, Keith Hudson, pokes fun at her daughter after the singer failed to ride a Segway during the Burning Man event.

During the Labor Day weekend, the “This is How We Do” singer shared an Instagram video of her failed Segway ride while she was attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada.   Although Perry was unable to keep her balance on the two wheeled contraption, her father, on the other hand, managed to successfully control a Segway. According to E!News, Perry uploaded a clip of her dad’s Segway ride on Instagram Monday.

In the clip, Hudson wore a black shirt, pants and a black cap as held onto the Segway while spinning around on a driveway. He said, "Hey Bird, you need a lesson 'cause this is the way you do it."

Perry, in response to her father’s question, wrote, “Thanks dad.” She also attached an emoji with an awkward or expressionless face.

Aside from her father’s successful Segway ride, Perry also shared a video of the fireworks display during the Burning Man festival. The singer captioned the photo, “When u hand burning man the aux chord.”

Meanwhile, despite Perry’s failed Segway ride and the other risqué things that the artist has done over the years, Hudson revealed he has “always been proud” of his daughter, AZCentral reported. Earlier this year, the Evangelical Christian minister previously admitted that although he does not approve of Perry’s risky and sexy costumes, Hudson said that he is a “proud father.”

During a visit at the Manatee County church in June, the preacher also shared to the congregation how people would come up to them to ask how their daughter came up with the lyrics “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” Bradenton reported. He told the crowd that he does not know how Perry did it and even advised the parents to “do your best” and “bring them up.”

Hudson added, "You and I have to reach out to this generation with our hands and accept them just the way they are, with all their tattoos, with all their purple hair and with all their piercing."

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