Fans of E!’s hit series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” were shocked to see hospital photos and video footage of Lamar Odom included in a Season 12 episode of the show. Early reports suggested that the family would not be filming in or around the hospital, though they did discuss his near-fatal health crisis during Season 11.

According to TMZ, the photos and videos were taken by Khloé Kardashian and other family members who visited Odom in the hospital in October 2015. His estranged wife is said to have taken photos of him while he was hooked up to various tubes and machines in the hopes that she’d one day be able to share them with him and convey the severity of his condition. After seeing the pictures for the first time, Lamar reportedly requested that they be featured on the show. A source told TMZ that while the Kardashian family did not allow television cameras into the hospital room, family members were permitted to take photos and videos with Odom for their own personal use. The father of three was given the opportunity to say no, but declined.

The footage in question appeared in Season 12, episode 2 of “KUWTK.” During the show Kim comes to Khloé with an invitation to husband Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 presentation in New York City. Khloé is apprehensive about attending as she is expected to care for the ailing Odom. Kim suggests that Khloé bring him along, reminding her sister that he credits Kanye’s music with much of his recovery. The pair decide to attend together though the “Strong Looks Better Naked” author is filled with anxiety the entire time. The event goes smoothly and Lamar appears excited to be getting back in his groove. During the flight home, he asks to see hospital photos. Khloé obliges, showing him a photo of him at his worst. She explains that at the moment the photo was taken she had been told he had just four hours to live.

Although Lamar claimed to have turned over a new leaf during the “KUWTK” episode, it appears that’s easier said than done. TMZ reported that he was seen drinking at a bar in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Lamar was reportedly there with a friend who was shopping when the former NBA superstar ducked into a mall bar. He treated himself to a cognac and a little conversation with some of the women present. The publication reported that Odom spent $60 at the bar before heading back to his friend. This marks the second time he’s been spotted drinking since his release from the hospital.