At the prodding of stepsister Khloe Kardashian, supermodel Kendall Jenner has tried her hand at the other side of the camera. Khloe volunteered to be Kendall's first model -- and the test shot seems to have gone well.

Khloe proudly shared Kendall’s work on Instagram. She posted the photo that Kendall took of her and wrote: “I told Kendall she should be a photographer and she decided to make me her first project. get it Kenny!!! Glam by @jenatkinhair and@1maryphillips

Even though Kendall isn’t a professional photographer, their hairstylist and close family friend Jen Atkin decided to repost the photo. She credited Kendall for the shot and showed off her own work on Khloe’s hair. However, Atkin admitted that Khloe’s toned arms have stolen the show. “#triceps (btw who's even looking at her hair?),” she said.

Makeup artist Mary Phillips wasted no time in sharing the photo, which also featured her work. The joint effort between sisters Kendall and Khloe along with their glam squad composed of Atkin and Phillips resulted in Kendall’s first fabulous attempt at portrait photography. Granted, just like any other teenager, she’s had lots of practice with her smartphone and Instagram.

Unfortunately for everyone else, it’s not as easy to get a world famous TV personality to be your test subject. Kendall is also fortunate enough to get her work promoted by top players in the beauty industry.  

Kendall modestly refrained by posting the photo on her own Instagram account. Self-promotion aside, people are taking notice anyway. E! Online has already shared the photo and called it “impressive.”