Kenyon Martin's Twitter account was deleted after the NBA star tweeted that his haters should catch full blown AIDS and die.

Kenyon Martin's Twitter account was offline Tuesday, a day after he tweeted that his haters should catch full blown AIDS and die!

Martin sent out multiple tweets shortly after NBA commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of the first two weeks of the NBA season due to the ongoing lockout. One tweet got all the attention, but he subsequently denied writing it.

All Haters should catch full blown Aids and Die! Do the world a favor!and rid us of you all! Martin tweeted.

Later, he denied writing it and his account, @OakcliffBully, has since been deactivated.

This is Kenyon folks I didn't write that about the aids! I can say some sh-- but I'm not that f--ing crazy, Martin wrote.

Martin becomes the most recent in a long line of athletes who have gotten in hot water over Twitter use.

Rashard Mendenhall of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a recent prominent example. The night Osama bin Laden was killed in May, he tweeted, What kind of person celebrates death? That caused backlash among his followers. The company Champion soon dropped him as an endorser.

Martin recently signed a one-year deal to play basketball in China as the lockout continues. The deal will not allow Martin to return to the NBA this season if a labor agreement is reached.

Perhaps most of the controversy will blow over with Martin in China for at least a season.