Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is claiming that his phone was hacked after a picture in which he can be seen smoking a hookah was posted to his Twitter account.

On Thursday night, Durant appeared to tweet a selfie in which he exhaled a cloud of hookah smoke, Deadspin reports. But the picture was quickly deleted, and the 25-year-old basketball player posted a series of tweets in which he claimed that someone had hacked his phone. Deadspin captured the image, which can be viewed here.

“Yoooo somebody hacked my phone though…it’s blowing me, not my twitter my phone,” Durant tweeted. "Textin my contacts crazy messages, my mom, dad brother [sic]…disrespecting them…how can u do that.”

Durant’s explanation was doubted by some Twitter users; in the past, several athletes have posted embarrassing photos to their social media accounts, only to claim that they were hacked to curtail the resulting bad press. “’Sorry y’all my phone got hacked’ [Kevin Durant] just own up to it fool,” one fan wrote.

The three-time NBA scoring champion admitted that he was pictured in the selfie, but insisted that he hadn’t posted it. “Obviously it’s me smoking hookah, but I didn’t post it,” he responded.

In a Friday morning tweet to Deadspin, Thunder forward Nick Collison corroborated Durant’s claims. “I saw the tweet come up on my timeline when [Durant] was outside the bus going through TSA security. He didn’t send it. Very weird,” Collison wrote.