Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant sued his travel agent in September for allegedly overcharging him for her services, but the woman claimed that she was tasked with secretly booking flights for “numerous women” on Durant’s behalf.

Durant’s lawsuit alleged that his travel agent, Lynn Swanson, significantly overcharged him for work that she did between 2007 and 2012, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports. Durant believed that he paid at least $500,000 more than the actual value of Swanson’s work.

However, Swanson countersued Durant in March for $100,000, claiming that the 25-year-old basketball star’s extravagant and, at times, confidential requests drove up the value of her work, the website said. According to legal documents, Swanson claimed that she frequently fielded late-night phone calls from Durant, who tasked her with making last-minute arrangements for his female acquaintances.

Kevin Durant
In a lawsuit that has since been dropped, Lynn Swanson, Kevin Durant's travel agent, claimed that she booked secret flights for "numerous women" at the Thunder star's request. Photo: Reuters

In her filing, Swanson said that she “not only paid numerous speeding tickets and parking tickets for the Durant team, she would also confidentially book flights and make hotel arrangements for numerous women and others on behalf of the Durant entourage -- No Questions Asked!”

On March 28, both sides agreed to drop their respective lawsuits. TMZ speculated that Durant and Swanson reached some sort of settlement.

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Durant’s representatives have yet to comment on the situation.