[WARNING: Contains graphic photos of Kevin Ware's broken leg.]

A photo of Kevin Ware after his injury on Sunday has been making the rounds on the Internet, showing the Louisville guard’s broken leg in plain view. The photo has been viewed nearly 1 million times on online image hosting service, Imgur, in less than a day.

Ware suffered the gruesome injury during the NCAA Midwest Regional basketball final Sunday against Duke. During the first half of the Elite Eight game in Indianapolis, Ware went to block a shot by Duke forward Tyler Thornton. However, the Cardinals guard failed to block the shot and suffered a broken leg on his way down.

According to spectators, the bone in Ware’s right lower leg was completely exposed during coverage of the game as the 20-year-old player lie on the ground injured.

"His bone was sticking out of his shin," Richard Pitino, the head coach of Florida International and a former assistant coach at Louisville, said. "I'm only 30, but I've never seen something like that. It felt like canceling the game. You feel almost silly cheering [after that]."

The game was paused for 10 minutes after Ware suffered the injury. Ware, a bench player, was taken on a stretcher to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where he is now recovering. On Sunday night, the peypeysiva Instagram account shared a photo of Ware recovering in his hospital bed holding the NCAA Midwest Regional trophy.

Experts do not believe the injury will be career-ending for Ware, but it will be a long recovery for the Louisville Cardinals sophomore.

Below are photos of Kevin Ware’s broken leg injury. WARNING: the images are graphic and plainly show Ware’s leg injury.


Kevin Ware Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino looks on as they transfer guard Kevin Ware to a stretcher after he broke his leg in the first half against the Duke Blue Devils during their Midwest Regional NCAA men's basketball game in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 31, 2013. Photo: Reuters