American socialite Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her basketball-playing husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, citing incompatible differences. The reality star's fairytale wedding, according to estimates, cost around $20 million a day.

The seeming failure of Kardashian's mini-marriage has become a raging argument on Twitter and all over the Internet too. The news of her split has also generated debate among same-sex marriage activists who were critical of the fact that Kardashian was allowed to make a joke of the marital institution, while so many same-sex couples, who want to be married, are not allowed the privilege.

This is Kardashian's second marriage; her first, in 2000, was to music producer Damon Thomas and ended in 2004.

Earlier today Perez Hilton, a gossip blogger tweeted: Straight people do a damn well good job themselves of ruining the sanctity of marriage! #MarriageForAll. Along with Hilton, thousands of gay marriage supporters tweeted
similar sentiments about Kardashian's impending divorce.

When the news went online, the tweets Kardashian received in response were dripping with sarcasm.

The whole affair is being made fun of, with Kim Kardashian hashtags, like #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage, #KimKMarriageWasShorter, Lindsay Lohan's line of coke, Verne Troyer's legs (oh dear) and Just found lettuce in the fridge we bought before Kim Kardashian's wedding. Fresh, too.

However, Kardashian is not the first celebrity who called time on her marriage inside of a few months; in fact her marriage lasted a lot longer than some other Hollywood couples. A notable name on that list is singer and entertainer Britney Spears.