With a little over a month until her wedding to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is going to extreme measures to lose more weight. Though the reality TV star has already lost a reported 56 pounds since giving birth to North West in June, she still wants to be slimmer and is working on losing her last five pounds.  

The wedding is said to be taking place May 24 in Paris, and according to Ok! magazine, Kardashian is restricting her diet to drop the pounds. A source says she is eating only lean protein and green vegetables because they have more fiber. To stay on track, “her assistant has a bag of celery sticks at all times.” In addition, Kardashian is said to be drinking only water in what is being dubbed “Atkins mania.” “She doesn’t really drink, but she likes a glass of red wine with dinner and coffee in the morning, but her Atkins mania won’t allow her those anymore. She won’t even have a sip,” the source continues.

The Atkins diet has apparently worked wonders for the reality star after the birth of North, and she has praised the meal plans the diet recommends. Kardashian lost 56 pounds following the low-carbohydrate meal plan. Carbs are drastically reduced, and dieters consume more protein and fat than they would from a normal diet. The body then uses fat as fuel, causing rapid weight loss.

“What distinguishes the Atkins diet is the absence of a lot of carbohydrates, so that leaves out a lot of choices,” “The Great Cholesterol Myth” author Jonny Bowden told E! News recently. “You can make bad choice and good choices, but there's nothing dangerous about the Atkins diet. There really isn't a downside to it." 

During an appearance last year on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," Kardashian admitted that getting rid of the extra pounds after the birth of her daughter was the “greatest challenge” of her life.