Mayor Kim Kardashian? It's not as far-fetched as you think after Kim says in an upcoming episode of Khloe and Lamar that she plans to mount a campaign for mayor of Glendale Calif., a Los Angeles suburb.

If you parse the promotion clip from E!, which can be viewed below, there are indications Kim Kardashian is serious about her political aspirations, dropping terms like residency as she and Khloe ride in a car.

I decided I'm going to run for the mayor of Glendale, Kim tells sister Khloe in the video. You have to have full residency in Glendale.

So Noelle is going to run my campaign, but it's going to be in like five years, Kim says, referring to close friend Noelle Keshishian. So I have to buy a house there. You have to have residency there ... so Noelle and I are going to look into all the requirements ... she's going to help me with my campaign.

Khloe says the idea is fascinating.

Why is Kim setting her sights on Glendale?

Because it's like Armenia town, she says. The community, a suburb of Los Angeles, has the second-largest Armenian city outside of Los Angeles, according to

If Kim could pull in a large chunk of the Armenian vote, she just might have a chance at becoming mayor.

Should Kim go through with her plans, there will be reasons to take her candidacy seriously.

Kardashian can run on her business background, having founded the D-A-S-H boutiques, the K-Dash clothing line and the fragrance she launched in 2010. That's not to mention all the cash she's pulling in from her reality series.

On the flip side, Kardashian gained her fame from her sex tape with Ray J, and candidates for Glendale mayor may point that out during the campaign. Glendale voters may not be able to look past the indiscretion. Kardashian is also a celebrity who isn't taken too seriously, and voters might not take her seriously as a candidate.