Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will receive a $440,000 settlement from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, who secretly shot their engagement and posted it online. The couple had sued Hurley claiming that he manipulated his way into AT&T Park in San Francisco in 2013 to see the proposal.

Despite signing a confidentiality agreement, Hurley leaked the video online on MixBit, an app founded by him, TMZ reported. Kardashian and West were reportedly furious when they found out about the leaked video and their lawyer, Eric George, filed a case against Hurley. George claimed in the lawsuit that Hurley was desperate after two flops following his YouTube sale. 

Hurley needs to pay the amount within the next few days to get the case against him dismissed.

Hurley, along with Steve Chen, sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. He stepped down as CEO in 2010, handing the position to Salar Kamangar, following which Hurley released MixBit, which helps edit videos using smartphones. He also funded US F1, which tried to get onto the Formula One grid in 2010. Though the group was granted entry by governing body FIA, they couldn't produce a car at the right time and folded.

Kardashian and West got married last May in Forte di Belvedere, a 16th-century fortress in Italy. The couple has a daughter named North and Kardashian is pregnant with their second child.