Kim Kardashian finally wed husband and NBA star, Kris Humphries, on Sat., Aug. 20 in Montecito. The event was full of glamor and lavishness as many A-List stars were in attendance.

For a celebrity wedding, Kim and the Kardashian clan had been ultra-vocal about the plans and preparations for the big day. Her wedding will even air on television as Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, an E! Special, in October. Every single aspect of her life is on TV. I don't know what is private. We've seen her doing everything, says US Weekly's Melanie Bromley.

Whether you love her or hate her or question her celebrity, since she's been on the scene, she has pretty much stayed true to who she is and true to what her goals are, and that's to be a star. Sharing her wedding and the process leading up to it fall within doing the right things to somehow maintain the superstar image, Bromley said.

Bromley even suggested that Kim's desire to have a similar wedding cake as Prince William and Duchess Kate's makes sense considering her desire for attention. With that in mind, Kim has gone to all the A-list places for the wedding supplementaries. She got the right dress designer, the large engagement ring, the bachelorette party in Las Vegas, the right hair stylist, and the perfect bakery where many stars make purchases from.

She's taking from the best. She wants to be regarded as a respected celebrity, Murray suggested. Kim loves the spotlight and she is not ashamed of it. She opens her doors to the media so they can give her the attention she seeks.

I mean, honestly, Kim is self-absorbed ... in a good way, Khloe Kardashian, her sister, told the Huffington Post a few weeks ago while in New York. Because she is someone who just really cares about her health and her body and she focuses on that. She gets manicures twice a week and goes to the gym every day, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I don't know how there are enough hours for her to do all that in a day, but she's not self-absorbed like, 'I'm so cute,' she's just very good at keeping care of herself.

I am like, 'I just don't care,' Kourtney Kardashian added regarding most of the attention being on Kim. I am just like, 'please talk about Kim because then she can be sitting here instead of me.'

Hopefully, Kris Humphries can take the same road when it comes to Kim's celebrity status. The pair have reportedly gone off to Europe for a mini-Honeymoon before heading out to NYC for their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Humphries. Many are excited for Kim's move as they know it will really give the couple a chance to get settled in this new stage and figure each other out as spouses.

If she lives in L.A. with her family in the limelight, she might have some bumps in the road, Patti Stanger, from Millionaire Matchmaker, said. ...Kim is a workaholic, and if she's always traveling and doing something for some appearance or some product, there's going to be no time for him. Now granted he's on the road and the NBA has a longer season than the NFL, but I think it will be more like 'we're real family now.' I think it'll be better for her, helpful, emotionally-wise. I'd like her to have some downtime for herself, where there is no glitz and glam, and she doesn't have to work it.

Moving away from the glitz and glam for a while is exactly what Kim is doing. However, this hiatus from the Hollywood attention will only last a short time. Filming for Kim & Kourtney Take New York, is reportedly beginning soon after her return from Europe. Hopefully, Kris can endure living married life with cameras and lights always in tact and pointed at Kim Kardashian.

Perhaps, this short honeymoon and move to NYC is exactly what the new couple needs right now, if only for a little while. She can let him shine for a while, Stanger said suggesting that Kris may bolt if it's all about her.

The newlywed couple is rumored to be moving to a penthouse in Gansevoort Park Avenue, NYC.