Kim Kardashian West isn't having much fun in Cannes. Not only is she suffering from nausea, she also was harassed by a drunken naked lady. The reality star candidly tweeted about capturing on video a lady who was banging at Kardashian West's hotel room door in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

But the pregnant star saw the humor in the situation. Kardashian West put in a small jab at excessive drinking and called the lady “Slob kabob.” 

She then went on to tweet about the incident even more:

It remains to be seen if Kardashian West has made a new friend. In the off chance that they run into each other again, it could potentially be an awkward reintroduction.

The day before, Kardashian West had been complaining about pregnancy-related nausea. Just when she was getting some rest, the hilarious incident with the drunken lady took place. Kardashian West took everything in stride and still appeared to be in a good mood despite the wake-up call.

Two weeks ago, she showed off a different side of her when she also went on Twitter to debunk rumors about her pregnancy. The announcement of her baby’s gender was pre-empted when media outlets started reporting that she is having a boy before she was ready to announce it. She also slammed reports that said she was having twins and was using a surrogate to carry her child.