The Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the hottest holiday gifts this year. While the Kindle Fire has come under some scrutiny for problems with the touchscreen, silk browser and privacy settings, Amazon's tablet offers a number of opportunities for users to explore books, magazines and interactive programs on the go.

In an advance over the Kindle E-Readers, the newest development for the Kindle Fire is The App Store. Users can download applications ranging from games to weather reports to use directly on their tablet.

We took a look at some of the best game apps offered on the Amazon Kindle Fire. Until Jan. 2, Amazon is offering many of the most popular EA games for $0.99.

Top Kindle Fire Games

Most Popular Games

Angry Birds (Free)

The extremely popular Angry Birds game can be purchased for free in the Kindle Fire App Store. Users fling birds across the screen to try to strategically destroy structures and boundaries. This puzzle game is fun for people of all ages.

Atari's Greatest Hits  ($1 each)

This popular retro game app includes classic arcade games and Atari 2600 titles. The games are available in bundles at $1 each or all 99 games can be purchased at once for $10.

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)

This absurd game app allows users to fight off mobs of zombies as they invade homes. Plants help fend off the zombies from eating human brains. The game requires users to solve puzzles and battle 26 different types of zombies. It can be downloaded for $2.99.

Triple Town ($3.99)

Triple Town is a puzzle strategy game where users are pushed to grow the largest possible city by combining different elements to build houses, cathedrals and castles. The game costs $3.99, but has the highest customer ratings on Amazon.

Jigsaw Words (Free)

This free word game for the Kindle challenges users to combine letters and words to match the clues given. The puzzles are themed in different categories and themes. The game has over 100 puzzles with 10 clues to solve each puzzle.

Children's Games

Doodle Jump ($1)

Doodle Jump first became a popular game on the iPod Touch and the iPhone. You can now play this classic mobile game on the Kindle Fire. The cost of the app is $1.

Where's My Water? (Free)

This popular children's game is challenging and has over 100 levels of game play. The Disney game offers chapters and levels where children have to help Swampy the Alligator take a bath by completing various puzzles.

Fruit Ninja (Free)

Fruit Ninja Free is another popular children's game. The game comes in three different modes - classic, arcade and zen - as users carve, splatter and splash their way through colorful fruits. The arcade game is simple and fun and encourages users to solve puzzle problems.  

iStoryBooks (Free)

This free app allows toddlers and young children to interact with storybooks through pictures, text and audio. The app is targeted for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 with stories for different reading levels. Some of the popular books included are: Cinderella, Snow White, A to ZX Animals, The World of Trucks and Children's Ramayana.

Classics for Kindle Fire and Basic Kindles

Monopoly ($0.99 for a limited time)

This classic game can be played with up to three friends or can be played against the computer at easy, medium or hard. The game can be customized with special rules to change how free parking, taxes and get out of jail rules work in your game.

Texas Hold'Em ($0.99 for a limited time)

This popular poker game can come to you with the Kindle Fire Texas Hold'Em app available for 99 cents for a limited time. The game can be played anywhere at any time and can be played in practice mode or with up to four friends through the Pass 'N Play mode. The game also tracks your stats so you can watch as your poker skills improve.

EA Solitaire ($0.99 for a limited time)

EA Solitaire was selected as one of the 2011 Editors' best games. It is a collection of the most popular solitaire-related card games. EA Solitaire includes Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, Gold, Freecell, Wasp, Peaks, Canfield, Spiderette, Eliminator, Easthaven and Baker's Dozen.

Scrabble ($0.99 for a limited time)

Scrabble is also offered for the Kindle at $0.99. This game can be played with a friend through a challenge or as a solo game. The game can also be paused and picked up later.

Fun Puzzle Games

Bubble Buster (Free)

This popular puzzle game is colorful and challenging. Users are given different scenarios to race against time and destroy all the bubbles organized in different patterns by matching up colors. The games offers hundreds of levels and is fun for both children and adults.

Cut the Rope ($0.99)

Cut the Rope is a colorful and popular game with 25 different puzzle levels. The goal of the game is to satisfy the Om Nom's sweet tooth by cutting a rope in different puzzles. The game also has obstacles and enemies, so it is more difficult than it sounds, but the brilliantly drawn game will be fun for both children and adults.

Jewels ($0.99 for a limited time)

Jewels is one of the top Kindle games of 2011. The game challenges users' planning and pattern recognition skills by creating puzzles where users are forced to create combinations to remove jewels. The game is played against the clock so users have the added pressure of fighting time to get rid of all the jewels.