“Kingdom Hearts III” director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently revealed a major story SPOILER for “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” that could be relevant to the third main entry. As two characters meet, a new arc is formed.

ThursdayYesterday, a special gathering called “Kingdom Hearts Concert: First Breath” was held in Japan. Before the event occurred, Nomura tweeted that the native vocal talents for Terra and Namine would be on hand to celebrate the festivities. As it turns out, however, both actors were there for far more than a cameo. Instead, they took part in a short stage performance with some interesting plot details.

Nomura described that the incoming scenario is essentially extra backstory for the “Kingdom Hearts 0.2” subchapter that’s included in “Kingdom Hearts 2.8.” The moment will not be available in the game and was intended to be exclusive to the audience in attendance. Thanks to translations from KH13, we can describe exactly what what down.

The following dialogue is a general recap of a discussion between Namine and Terra’s Lingering Will. For those that forget, the Lingering Will emerged during “Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep” when Terra’s heart became bound to the villainous Xehanort.

LW: Who are you?

N: I'm Na... a witch who controls memories.

LW: A... witch?

N: Terra, your heart right now is bound to two beings. One is yourself, and the other...

LW: ...Xehanort...

N: Yes. Terra, I'm coming to save you soon, so hang in there and keep on fighting...!

LW: ...Aqua...Ven!

Through the short chat, Namine essentially helps Terra remember his friends Aqua and Ventus. The implication is that not all of Terra’s soul has been consumed by evil and that Namine is on his side.

What’s particularly interesting about this scene is its noted exclusion from “Kingdom Hearts 2.8.” Did Nomura cut the moment because it might spoil something that happens later in “0.2?” Possibly more tantalizing is its possible ties to “Kingdom Hearts III.” Maybe Terra’s side of the story is more important to the main game and is thus not discussed in “Kingdom Hearts 0.2”

Whatever the case may be, the union of Terra and Namine is noteworthy. It will be interesting to see how these two characters interact as the first saga of this series comes to a close.

“KIngdom Hearts III” is in development for PS4 and Xbox One. “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” comes exclusively to PS4 in 2016.

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