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What 'Super Mario Run' Must Learn From 'Pokémon Go'

"Super Mario Run" will release following "Pokémon Go's" massive success, and there's a lot Nintendo must learn about that experience. Given what we know, here's the best way to bring gaming's favorite plumber to iOS.

5 Tips For 'Pokémon Go's' Buddy Update

"Pokémon Go" has a new update rolling out, and it lets players walk with monster buddies. To celebrate the iOS and Android patch, we made a list of five awesome tips about the Buddy System that every trainer must know!
No Man's Sky Red Space

5 Lessons To Be Learned From 'No Man's Sky'

"No Man's Sky" reviews and release drama paint the picture of a troubled game, and there's a lot of lessons that indie creators can learn from it. Here are five tips for anyone following in Hello Games' footsteps.
No Man's Sky dinosaurs

Why People Love To Hate 'No Man's Sky'

"No Man's Sky" has been on PS4 and PC for about a month, and the game has been the subject of relentless controversy. From missing features to price, let's explore why Hello Games' universe has spawned such immense negativity.
Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft Going Big With Next Surface Pro

Surface Pro 5 spec rumors are light, but we've received word about the efficiency of the tablet's expected Kaby Lake CPU, which will offer a 20 perfect performance boost.