The GC, also known as the Kiwi Jersey Shore, a show that follows Maori Aussies in their adventures on Australia's Gold Coast, not only is getting bad reviews but has the Gold Coast's tourism chief afraid the ripped and attractive cast's antics will keep tourists away.

The cast features Maori Aussies or New Zealanders, who are indigenous Polynesians, also called Mozzies.

Maori Aussies have come to Australia in droves, with 130,000 Maori living in Australia, according to TV3, the station airing The GC. You can check out a promo for the show by scrolling further down in this story.

'The GC' follows the lives of a group of talented and attractive young Maori as they work hard and play even harder in Australia's favourite playground, the glittering Gold Coast, says a description about the show on the website for Australia's TV3. Talented and ambitious, the GC cast are chasing the good life on the Gold Coast. Some live together, some work together, but they all play together. This series offers a fascinating insight into the lives of nine young and successful Maori.

More than 370,000 viewers tuned in to The GC when it debuted last night.

TV critic Rebecca Barry Hill of the New Zealand Herald is not a fan of the new series, which she says more closely resembles The Hills than Jersey Shore.

The GC is designed strictly for entertainment value, only without much entertainment, and not a lot of value, Hill writes. Although I did discover how to baste human skin with oil. The guys lather themselves in the stuff.

But like Jersey Shore,The GC offers plenty of partying and boozing, and it has the head of Gold Coast Tourism worried.

Gold Coast Tourism CEO Martin Winter told Australia's Courier-Mail that he believed the show is sending all the wrong messages and fears tourism will suffer.

We don't want to stereotype drugs, sex and booze -- what we want to do is promote the image of the Gold Coast as being a healthy family fun destination,'' he said.

The GC cast member Ngahere Nuz Ngatai told the New Zealand Herald that he and his fellow cast members live by the mantra gym, tan, eat instead of Jersey Shore's famous slogan, gym, tan, laundry.

It's a good friendly bunch but there are some personality conflicts, Nuz said. I'm the easy going sort but Jade-Louis, my partner in crime, likes to stir it up a bit. It captures more of our real life. The way we talk to each other is real, it's very unscripted so I'd say it is more like the British show 'The Only Way Is Essex' than Jersey or 'Geordie Shore.'

Royce Parata, a commenter on the New Zealand Herald's website, trashed the show.

It was crap! Wannabe pretty boys and bimbo chicks, who between the lot of them sound like a bunch of backstreet slappers with a combined IQ of a peanut! Parata said.

Commenter Simon of New Zealand said he could only tune in for 10 minutes and could not bear anymore antics from The GC.

I managed to watch ten minutes of these shallow, talentless, narcissistic people, before a combination of boredom and nausea overwhelmed me and I have to change channel, he said.

Ngawai Kawau, another commenter, complimented the show as trashy reality TV at its finest.

The show's website includes dating tips from cast members and how to learn lingo from the show, including aunty [single girl,] neff [bro or friend,] and mumsies [girlfriend.]

Jersey Shore is MTV's most popular show and the series has put its stamp on pop culture with phrases like GTL, DTF, and grenade.

Snooki and the gang have been so successful that Jersey Shore has spawned spin-off series featuring Pauly D and an upcoming series starring Snooki and Jenny J-Woww Farley.