Shocking pictures of what appear to be Klu Klux Klan members walking through a London suburb have emerged on Twitter.

The hooded figures are pictured carrying candles as they process through Chigwell and Leytonstone in Essex on Jan. 31.

The photographs began to circulate the internet on Tuesday and have caused a storm on Twitter and Facebook, with user speculation ranging from a simple hoax to the dreaded KKK.

KerryBo1 Tweeted: Apparently the KKK have been out in full force in Essex! while another skeptical Twitter user wrote: Doubt the KKK were strolling through Chigwell....

Others have taken a more light-hearted view of the news.

 IREtating wrote: KKK, come to essex please, i need some entertainment in my life.

According to the Daily Star, an Essex police spokesman said were called and carried out a search for people in KKK uniforms, but failed to get to the bottom of the incident.