“Neighborhood Watch” has apparently undergone some changes in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, residents in Coudersport awoke to find small baggies – weighed down with stones and sometimes hard candies – with fliers emblazoned with Ku Klux Klan messages.

The fliers read: “Are there troubles in your neighborhood?” and featured a picture of a hooded Klan member pointing a finger. The header read: “Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” in bold script. Some fliers also read: “You can sleep tonight know the Klan is awake!” The messages included a 24-hour “Klanline” and a phone number.

Similar messages have been spotted in California, Kansas and New Jersey in recent months, the Washington Post reported. It is unknown if the messages were planned to be released across the country at the same time to recruit new members. 

In Michigan, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights was asked to investigate after KKK fliers were distrubuted in Trenton, WWJ, a CBS affiliate in Michigan, reported on Sept. 9. The fliers threatened a black man who looked at a white woman.

A member of the KKK Loyal White Knights, James Moore, told WWJ reporters that the fliers were part of the Klan’s recruitment campaign.

“It’s a big double standard. Every time we get out and try to recruit, spread the word, you know, we’re out here standing up for the protection and preservation of our race, but it’s only wrong when whitey does it,” Moore told WWJ over the phone.

In New York, fliers were distributed around Long Island in August and local KKK organizer Gary Monker told area reporters the Klan would show up at Black Lives Matter rally in Westhampton Beach. The KKK were reportedly nowhere in sight on the day of the rally.