The Ku Klux Klan is planning to crash a Black Lives Matter rally that will be held Sunday in Southampton, New York. A spokesperson for the Klan — chief officer in New York for the Loyal White Knights of the KKK Gary Monker — spoke Tuesday with Patch, confirming that his group would be attending the Hamptons rally.

Monker’s Klan title is "Exalted Cyclops," which, in Klan-speak, is one who presides over the “Council of Centaurs” and writes reports for the “Grand Giant.” reported that every Klan chapter, or Klavern is led by an Exalted Cyclops.

Without revealing many details about the Klan’s attendance Sunday, Monker told the outlet about the group’s motives. “We’re the only organization right now standing up for whites, upholding the second amendment of the Constitution,” he told patch. “We are not a hate group. We are Christian and we’re trying to restore America back to what it used to be.” reported that the KKK were posting recruitment fliers within Westhampton Beach and Quogue Villages in July. The fliers encouraged people to join the Klan and criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the outlet, the KKK’s efforts to recruit new members within Southampton Town are not unheard of. Fliers were also found on two different occasions last year in Hampton Bays.

One of the most notorious white supremacist hate groups, the KKK was founded during the Reconstruction Era in 1886 and have a history of carrying out violent and murderous hate crimes. 

In the Patch article, Monker went on to defend the Klan, dispelling 'common misconceptions,' saying that the KKK is “not a hate group. We do this out of love for our race and our country. We do this for God. God is always number one.”

Monker also said that the Black Lives Matter group is a “contradiction,” stating in part that, “They always say they have peaceful protests but nothing is ever peaceful. They rape, pilfer, loot.”

The rally organizer for Black Lives Matter, Vanessa Vascez-Corleone, has organized the rallies across the East End. Vascez-Corleone responded to Monker’s statements on the Black Lives Matter rallies. "Everything he’s saying is ignorant," she said. "It’s hard to respond to ignorance."

For Sunday’s rally, Monker said the KKK members would first be gathering in a secret location.

"I would like to invite them to the rally," Vascez-Corleone said. "I honestly don’t believe they’re going to show up. I hope they come out of hiding."