The New York Knicks are off to their worst start in franchise history, having lost 20 of their first 24 games, and now there is talk about trading their best player. According to the New York Post, Carmelo Anthony might be willing to waive his no-trade clause, if the Knicks look to move the star forward.

After signing a five-year, $124 million contract in the summer, Anthony isn't looking to be dealt, but he reportedly would be open to the possibility. On Monday, Dec. 15, teams are allowed to trade free agents and draft picks that they signed in the offseason.

There’s no indication that team president Phil Jackson wants to trade Anthony, but the dismal start to the year could have New York looking to shake things up. They are just a half-game ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers for the worst record in the NBA. While the Knicks weren’t expected to compete for a championship, they’ve played worse than most could have imagined. Before the start of the regular season, only 10 teams were given better odds to win the NBA Finals.

Anthony was courted by the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers in the summer, but he ultimately decided to try to win a championship in New York. While staying in the Big Apple allowed him to make the most money, it might have cost him a chance at winning his first ring, if he plays out the entirety of his contract with the Knicks.

Any possible trade for Anthony would likely involve draft picks and expiring contracts that could help the Knicks build towards the future. With the roster that currently surrounds Anthony, New York isn’t close to competing with the NBA’s elite teams.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Anthony has been having issues with some of his teammates. The seven-time All-Star got into a heated exchange with Tim Hardaway Jr. in a game against the Brooklyn Nets, and it almost turned physical. ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Hardaway, as well as other players on the team, believe Anthony shoots too much and doesn’t try his hardest on defense.

Anthony is averaging 22.9 points and 18.8 shot attempts per game, shooting 45.6 percent from the field. J.R. Smith’s 9.8 shot attempts per contest rank second on the team.

Since Anthony was traded to the Knicks in 2011, New York has won just one playoff series. Last season, they finished with 37 wins and a game out of the playoffs.