On Sunday night, Serge Ibaka received a flagrant foul in the game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the Thunder up by six points in the fourth quarter, Ibaka hit Blake Griffin below the belt, as the two were battling for a rebound. Griffin fell to the ground after being punched, but Ibaka was not ejected. Oklahoma City went on to win the contest.

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to face the Thunder on Tuesday. Kobe Bryant saw the video of Ibaka’s foul on Griffin, and told reporters on Monday that he wouldn’t have reacted the same way that the Clippers’ star did.

"I probably would have smacked him in the mouth," Bryant said, in regards to Ibaka. "I would have dealt with the pain afterward."

Even though Ibaka wasn’t ejected on Sunday, there’s a chance he could miss the game against the Lakers. The incident seems to have been intentional, and the NBA may decide to suspend Ibaka.

Below you can watch the video of Ibaka’s flagrant foul on Griffin.