Ever want to be as a good as Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant?

You're not alone. That's why Nike has released an ad campaign that features Bryant giving success seminars to several celebrities including Aziz Ansari, celebrity life coach Tony Robbins, Arizona Cardinals wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Hall-of-Fame wide-receiver Jerry Rice, tennis star Serena Williams, U.S. Soccer sensation Hope Solo and multi-talented Chinese megastar Wong Lee Ho.

The campaign was launched via the Nike Basketball YouTube page roughly one week ago. Bryan explains his success system, called Kobe System, to these celebrities in five different seminars.

The first seminar focuses on success. Bryant questions whether Ansari will ever be able to reach the level of success that he has. The second level is adaptation. The adaptation explains how the dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the planet and the lessons that can be learned from the unfortunate event.

Kobe says, Dinosaurs reacted. The meteor adapted.

Most are confused by the details of this seminar, especially Serena Williams, but they somehow make it to level three of the Kobe System, where Bryant lectures on perception. In the third-level seminar, Bryant speaks directly to Wong Lee Ho, the multi-talented Chinese megastar, who Bryant promises will have his own system by the time Bryant's done teaching him.

Level four of the Kobe System focuses on explosion, where Tony Robbins interrupts the lecture to inject some of his own life coaching into the seminar. In the end, Robbin's is forced by Bryant to apologize to Kanye West for wasting two million dollars of his time. Robbins does. Kanye accepts the apology.

Level five of the Kobe System focuses on domination. When you dominate the game early, you should also dominate the game late, says Bryant. Then he begins to pick on the great Jerry Rice, who he says should be dominating retirement. Bryant believes his disciples should dominate everything.

Dominate the paint. Dominate art. Dominate breakfast. Dominate the crossover. Dominate karate. Dominate the galaxy. Dominate waffles. Dominate weather. Dominate REM sleep. Dominate music. Dominate aliens. Dominate books on tape. Dominate press conferences. Dominate the sun. Dominate kick flips. Dominate ninjas, says Kobe, who receives a loud round of applause afterword.

To learn more about #KobeSystem, watch the video below: