“Dynasty Warriors” publisher Koei Tecmo has announced that “Arslan: The Warriors of Legend” will be coming to the West sometime early next year, but no release date for the game has been revealed yet. The “Arslan” video game was based on a popular manga and anime by “Full Metal Alchemist” author Hiromu Arakawa called “The Heroic Legend of Arslan,” both of which were adapted from a Japanese novella of the same name from the 1980s.

The game was announced on the Koei Tecmo Facebook page. There the publisher stated that the game would blend the tactical action fans of “Dynasty Warriors” love with the look and feel of the anime. This is due to the game’s cel-shaded graphics, which resembles the anime. Koei Tecmo has mixed anime with the “Warriors” gameplay before, particularly with “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam” and its sequels.

Most fans know what to expect from the “Dynasty Warriors” gameplay, which usually revolves around the player’s character taking on hundreds of soldiers in a battlefield, while racking up combos and taking on bosses. “Arslan: The Warriors Legend” continues that tradition for better or worse, though full details on the title’s gameplay have yet to be revealed.

The story tells of Arslan, a young prince who was banished from his kingdom after his father was betrayed by someone and defeated. Arslan forms a group of companions in the hopes of making an army that can help him take back what is rightfully his.

According to an article from IGN, the series isn’t afraid to handle mature issues, like slavery and religious fanaticism. Throughout this journey, Arslan is forced to grow up faster and take his kingdom back in this dark coming-of-age story.

“Arslan: The Warriors of Legend” will come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2016. As with most games in the “Warriors” series, fans can expect an announcement on the title’s roster as the release date draws closer, though lead character Arslan will obviously be in the game.