The Tanglish (Tamil + English) song, Why this Kolaveri Di, has crossed 10 million hits since its release on Nov. 16 on YouTube, making it something of a blockbuster. Its popularity has made it a massive revenue generator, for Techzone a mobile value-added service providing company.

The company has exclusive rights to the soundtrack and videos of the film, 3, with regard to ringtones, caller ring back tones and other digital entertainment formats. The success of the song and Techzone's privileged position is reflected by the fact that it has seen 22,000 downloads over the past five days.

TechZone is elated with the kind of response they have received for mobile downloads in a span of less than five days. (The song) was well received on WAP with (a total of) 22,000 downloads. TechZone has deployed this content through its entire distribution network which includes all telecom operators in all the regions, said a press release.

We are glad that we at TechZone are associated with SONY Music and Kolaveri as a mega successful project. Kolavari is the classic case of online marketing which has shown the miraculous downloads on mobile. Content has grabbed eyeballs much like it happens in the international music market scenario, said Naveen Bhandari, Director, TechZone.