KONY 2012 CEO Ben Keesey has recorded a video responding to accusations that the charity is a scam and that its videos are misleading, and thanking all the of its supporters for donating to help stop the brutal reign of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

KONY 2012, aka Invisible Children or Stop KONY 2012, reached unbelievable levels of prominence last week after a video advocating against Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) went viral in a matter of days.

The video, simply called KONY 2012, became the fastest growing video campaign, and most viral video, in the history of the world after receiving more than 100 million views in less than a week.

But the group has come under heavy fire in the days since, undergoing allegations that the charity is a scam, that its video was misleading, and that it does not properly allocate funds it raises to areas that are of most use to people suffering in Africa.

So on Monday Keesey released the new video, in which he answers a number of the accusations that have been lodged against the organization that he leads.

There have been a lot of questions about us, so we want to be as transparent as possible and answer some of those questions right now, Keesey says in the video. Because our goal has always been the same, it's always been one thing, and that's to stop the violence of the LRA permanently, and help restore the war-affected communities.

In the video, Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey answers some of the questions about Invisible Children that have been raised in the wake of KONY 2012's viral success.

First he goes through the group's mission of raising awareness and funds, advocating, getting people involved in the cause, mobilizing supporters, and leading programs on the ground in Africa.

It's been difficult to read some of the comments about Invisible Children, but I understand because for many people they just learned about Invisible Children a couple of days ago through the KONY 2012 video, Keesey said. I understand why a lot of people are wondering is this just some kind of slick, fly-by-night, slacktivist thing? When actually, it's not at all, it's connected to a really deep, thoughtful, very intentional and strategic campaign. So because of that we want to give you as much content as possible, fully transparent from top to bottom.

Keesey then goes through a detailed accounting of the charity's finances, records of which can be viewed on the Invisible Children website.

I understand that people may have questions about our comprehensive model and may question our strategy, but any claims that we don't have financial transpaprency or that we're not audited every year by an independent firm, or that we don't have financial integrity, just aren't true, he summarizes.

And he concludes the video by letting people know that you can ask the charity anything on Twitter by tweeting your questions to @Invisible, accompanied by the hashtag #AskICAnything.

Click play below to watch Ben Keesey's new video:

Thank you, KONY 2012 Supporters from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.