When news broke that actress Kristen Stewart had cheated on her Twilight co-star with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, it was sure to upset some of her fans. Robert Pattinson will have to deal with what's normally a private, painful experience in a very public way when the new issue of Us Weekly with photos of the steamy rendezvous is published. Still, his heartache might not equal that of fan Nutty Madam, who posted a video of herself Wednesday sobbing over the story.

Although Stewart and Sanders each issued statements of apology Wednesday, Nutty Madam, whose real name is Emma Clark according to her Twitter feed, is clearly not over it. The video is titled HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTIN?! (sic) and is in the vein of the infamous Leave Britney Alone! fan tribute from 2007.

The first few minutes feature a teary Emma Clark (who has her own YouTube channel with more than 11,000 followers) criticizing Stewart for cheating on Pattinson but also warning the public to stay out of it.

You wouldn't walk into a shop and ask the sales assistant, 'When's the last time you crapped?' because that's inappropriate, Clark said. It's someone's personal life...You wouldn't do that, so why is it okay to ask Rob and Kristen? Why is it okay to butt into their lives and act like you deserve to be part of their personal space? You don't.

After holding it together for three minutes, Nutty Madam falls apart and starts sobbing uncontrollably. But she keeps filming herself and at one point tells anyone who won't leave the couple alone You'll have to go through me.

One YouTube commenter said, This girl should have played Bella. Way better actress, and another speculated that Stewart cheated on Pattinson just to see Nutty Madam's reaction.