As actor Robert Pattinson still deals with the heartbreak brought on by Kristen Stewart's affair with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, Stewart is furious that she is taking all the blame for the cheating scandal.

According to TMZ, she does not understand why Sanders is being portrayed as negatively in the media. Since she is 22-years old, she believes he is the one who committed the most wrongdoing, since Sanders is 19 years older than her, and married with two children. 

Meanwhile, Pattinson has been busy promoting his latest project, independent film "Cosmopolis," in which he plays Eric Packer, a billionaire whose life changes dramatically after losing massively in a currency trade. 

After Stewart's infidelity became public, Pattinson moved out of the home they shared and changed his cellphone number. But the "Twilight" heartthrob has been careful not to answer questions about Stewart during interviews.

In his first interview since his girlfriend admitted the scandal, the 26-year old laughed off the incident to Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show," despite the host's efforts to get the actor to talk.

"Boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb!" Stewart said jokingly.

TMZ reports that Stewart is afraid her career may be negatively affected forever. She reportedly dropped out from the London premiere of her new movie, "On the Road." But some actors have come to her defense, such as Jodie Foster, who played her mother in the 2002 film "Panic Room."

"If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don't think I could survive it emotionally. I would only hope that someone who loved me, really loved me, would put their arm around me and lead me away to safety" Foster wrote in an essay defending the young actress.