Last month Breaking Dawn: Part 2 star Kristen Stewart had her likeness created in the form of an ice sculpture. The figure debuted at Madame Tussauds in London. Now it seems that she has become a muse for LA hipsters! Artwork inspired by the actress will appear at Meltdown Comics in the exhibit Muchos K-Stew. Attendees of the intriguing event have been instructed to:

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mysterious young woman and stare at her face until it all makes sense. According to Meltdown's official site, participating artists include:

Phil Noto, Natasha Allegri, Erin Pearce, Brandon Bird, Kirsten Lepore, Kali Fontecchio, Kevin Wada, Deanna Rooney, Kelsy Abbott, Abbey Aichinger, Kevin Sukho Lee, Tony Christopherson, Stephanie Max, Joel Fox, Kate Ward, Sophie Kipner, J.R. Goldberg, Kate Freund, Steve Agee, Kent Osborne, Paul Clay III, Jessica Ciocci, Parker Jacobs, Jeffrey Max, Greg Franklin, Julia Prescott, Mac Whiting, Mitch Loidolt, Cat Solen, Nick Bachman, Dave Kloc, Erin McGathy, Austin Salmi, Myke Chilian, Eric Appel, Carlos Ramos, Scott Schultz, Will Kindrick, Lauren Benson, Nico Colaleo, Jeremy Sengly, Peter Atencio, Sara Pocock, Lindsay Ames, Jason Whetzell, Tracy Palmer, and Danny Jelinek

The show runs from April 7-20th and will kick off with K-Stew themed refreshments. We can only imagine what that means.

From the photo already released (a piece by Kevin Wada), it's clear that the works will be exciting and fun. Yet some have criticized the event. 89.3 KPCC has asked Have Hipsters Gone Too Far? , which has led fans of the actress to rush to her defense. The comments thread under the article include:

This is NOT art.. this is downright harassment! As an artist I hate that people are mocking and insulting a 21 year old girl in the name of art! seriously people what's wrong with you!

These people are obviously trying to make a quick buck off the back of this young lady's talent since they have no original talent of their own. Talk about selling your soul, they disgust me.

Others believe the exhibit to be harmless:

It's just art. She is a public figure and a pop icon of sorts - so of course she will be subjected to the artistic treatment by creative folks in the US. I'm sure it won't hurt her career.

K-Stew is not the first Twilight star to spawn artwork. Both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner inspired Chicago-based artist Katherine Kalnes to create pancakes in their honor!