Kristen Stewart is making headlines this week for her verbal backlash toward one paparazzo over what appeared to be a time and place where the actress did not appreciate being photographed.

“Why are you saying 'F--k off'?" a paparazzo can be heard asking Stewart, 23, on a now viral TMZ video, to which Stewart replies: "Because you're a piece of s--t. You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do." The actress, who then goes on to call the photographer “a f--k face,” refuses to answer questions regarding her split from her former “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson.

Stewart’s feud comes three weeks after a barrage of photographers left a note commenting on her recent breakup with Pattinson, her boyfriend of three years, on her vehicle in California. The video, recorded by paparazzi, shows the note bearing the message “I Love Rob” written on Stewart’s car. That time she didn't respond to the intrusion. But it's the fiery replies that grab the headlines. Her most recent one is just another in the ongoing series of celebrity run-ins with paparazzi that have gone viral. Here are five other explosive paparazzi--induced fights with celebrities that have occured in recent months:


At just 7 years old, Suri Cruise, daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is already a major paparazzi target. While the celebrity offspring has been photographed since infancy, it was her most recent interaction with photographers that created the most controversy.

In a video obtained by, Cruise can be seen with her mom, 34, outside their Manhattan apartment on July 9. When the “Batman Begins” star declines to sign autographs, Suri responds to a seemingly growing crowd of onlookers by yelling “Stop it!” and “It’s time to get in the car” only to have one unidentified paparazzo verbally attack her. "Bye Suri, you little brat,” a photographer can be heard yelling. The man's insults resulted in another altercation with a passerby, but the stream of insults continued. “I don’t care, man. I don’t care, bro," the paparazzo says. "She’s a b--ch dog.  A little brat kid. A little brat."


Following multiple rumors that NBA star Lamar Odom cheated on his reality star wife, Khloe Kardashian Odom, the 33-year-old responded with violence. In what TMZ reported to be an unprovoked attack, Odom was caught on video using a metal bar to smash two photographers’ cameras in Los Angeles last month before stopping to pose with fans. Kardashian Odom, 29, who stars alongside her athlete husband on the E! series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” responded to the incident on Twitter, saying, “F--k the papz!!!!! You f--king losers!!!!!”


Kanye West, arguably one of the most vocal celebrities in expressing hate for the paparazzi, had two notable arguments with photographers in recent weeks. Following an incident in May when the 36-year-old walked into a street sign and then attacked a nearby person photographing the mishap, the entertainer engaged in another paparazzi-induced argument last month.

Following his departure from Los Angeles airport on July 19, the rapper snapped, breaking one photographer's camera after he allegedly taunted the performer with questions. According to TMZ, who published a video of the altercation, the unidentified photographer is planning to press charges, claiming he sustained injuries in the attack.