Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise
Actress Katie Holmes and her daughter, 7-year-old Suri Cruise were verbally attacked by a photographer in Manhattan Tuesday. FishWrapper screenshot

Daughter to “Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise and “Dawson’s Creek” actress Katie Holmes, 7-year-old Suri Cruise, was titled a “brat” and a “b—ch” by one paparazzo Tuesday after asking a group of photographers to move out of her way.

The entire altercation, caught on video by Fishwrapper.com, starts by showing Suri exiting her Manhattan home with Holmes and an unidentified friend. Suri can immediately be heard requesting photographers to leave, yelling “Stop!” and “It’s time to get in the car” as a hoard of fans and paparazzi can be seen swarming the trio.

The unidentified paparazzos' voice first makes an appearance in the clip telling the 34-year-old “Batman Begins” star not to ignore her fans after she refuses to sign autographs, soon after calling the Suri a “brat” after she yells at photographers to “move out of the way.”

“Bye Suri, you little brat,” the photographer says as the 7-year-old climbs into a nearby vehicle. When another man steps in to defend the star’s offspring, the photographer responds by saying, “Whoah, whoah what man? I don’t care man. I don’t care bro… She’s a b--ch, dog. A little brat kid. A little brat.”

This marks the second time Suri has spoken to members of the paparazzi that are known to trail her family on a daily basis. The child last interrupted tabloid photographers outside of her Manhattan home in 2011 asking them take a picture of her doll in her place. "Take a picture of my baby instead," said Cruise. The comment resulted in onlookers “awwing” at her request.

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