Kristen Wiig can play with the big boys. We all know this. But GQ has made it official.

GQ magazine has named Kristen Wiig its Bro of the Year for the magazine's 2011 Men of the Year Awards.

That's right, Wiig is now a recognized bro.

John Hamm authors the GQ feature, describing how inspired he was by Wiig on the set of Bridesmaids. Wiig played Annie; Hamm played her noncommittal hook-up buddy.

It was inspiring to watch Kristen quarterback the team, be the cheerleader and decisionmaker, and then get in front of the camera and be hilarious. And surprising, writes Hamm.

For a lot of comics, there's a persona they're not comfortable revealing unless they're performing. Kristen is incredibly shy; she has her hoodie pulled up and her sleeves pulled over her hands. But this is a woman who wore coconuts on her tits on 'SNL'; she can go to the craziest, most grotesque places on the planet in character.

He underscores Wiig's unstoppable drive and wild talent as her recipe for success.

The first time I noticed her was watching the 'SNL' sketch 'Lady Business.' Kristen's line was 'I'm a bitch in the boardroom, a bore in the bedroom, and I'm a bear on the toilet,' which she delivered with over-the-top seriousness. I thought, My God, this girl is funny.

Wiig poses in some black lace lingerie and stiletto heels for the GQ shoot, as she pouts her lips and glances up at the camera. It is much different look than most are used to seeing Wiig flaunt (Gilly anyone?).

The New York native has quickly become America's hilarious, zany sweetheart. She is the comedic genius of a generation, following in the footsteps of other SNL greats like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.  

And there is no stopping her, regardless of how raunchy things may get.

Raunchy means like 'Porky's,' she said to The Guardian. Which is my next movie; it's going to be a 'Porky's' prequel.