Many consider Labor Day the unofficial end to summer, and what better way is there to bid adieu than with some outdoor fun? Time to break out the umbrellas, sunscreen and barbecues -- or maybe not.

For many, sunshine will be in short supply this Labor Day as rain threatens to derail outdoor plans. Meteorologists predict thunderstorms for much of the eastern third of the country as well as heavy rain for the Rockies, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service.

Here's a look at the weekend weather forecast for your region: 

Northeast Showers, showers and more showers, starting Sunday. Following what was a pretty mild week for the Northeast region, humid, warm air is headed for the East Coast,where it will meet a cold front from the Atlantic Ocean to create disruptive thunderstorms. This includes Boston, New York City and Philadelphia. The best day for outdoor fun will be Saturday, when temperatures in some areas will creep well into the 90s.  

Southeast You guessed it: more thunderstorms, with an even bigger dose of heat and humidity. Washington, D.C., will see high temperatures at around 94 degrees Fahrenheit with scattered thunderstorms on Sunday and Labor Day. Further South, areas from Mississippi and the Gulf Coast to Tennessee will see the most frequent thunderstorms over the weekend. The Carolinas, however, should remain dry, according to

Southwest Hot, but not too hot. Temperatures will stay in the 80s and 90s. Relatively clear skies. 

West Spotty showers are likely for Washington state throughout the weekend, brought on by a low pressure system in the Northwest. Thunderstorms may linger in the northern Rockies on Sunday and Labor Day, and high temperatures there will be below average. 

forecast-temp-sat Temperatures for Saturday, Aug. 30. Photo: National Weather Service


forecast-temp-sun Temperatures for Sunday, Aug. 31. Photo: National Weather Service


rain1 Precipitation for Saturday, Aug. 30. Photo: National Weather Service


rain2 Precipitation for Sunday, Aug. 31. Photo: National Weather Service


rain3 Precipitation for Monday, Sept. 1. Photo: National Weather Service