Looking to travel during the Labor Day weekend but think you may be too late? Disregard that voice inside your head that says you’ve messed it all up. There are in fact hundreds of offers that can get you on the road or in the air at the last minute, and well on your way to visiting those relatives that you may have been actively trying to avoid for the last 10 years.

Incredibly, during this Labor Day weekend, around 35.5 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more, according to statistics from the American Automobile Association. Of those making a trip, 30.4 million will go by car and 2.6 million will take a plane. That leaves 2.5 million traveling by train, bus and boat. 

The American Cycling Association did not have any statistics on how many cyclists would be causing the nation’s drivers to suffer high blood pressure during this weekend. But they did advise that anyone getting on a bicycle during this busy Labor Day period should wear a helmet.

There is no need to tire yourself out while trying to get a great deal on a rental car or get in a tizzy looking for cheap plane tickets, as there are plenty deals to go around. 

RV There Yet?

Budget Rent a Car is offering a host of deals, including a 35 percent discount if you use “pay now” rates.

Hertz is offering a 15 percent discount all the way up until the end of October, just in case you're having so much fun that you want to extend your trip. 

Avis has so many deals there are too many to list. The most appealing for those planning to use Labor Day weekend to run away from your life and job is the $19.99 one-way deal. You can pick up and drop off wherever you want.

Dollar is offering a 15 percent discount on vehicle rentals from now until Jan. 31, 2016.

iRentRV is offering a five-day deal for luxury RV rentals for $800 (500 miles included), so you have no excuses not to take your family on vacation.

Land Yourself A Cheap Plane Ticket 

Travelocity is offering dozens of flight and accommodation deals with up to 50 percent off the cost.

United Airlines has a range of discounted flights that depart either Friday or Saturday and return Monday, Labor Day, or Tuesday.

Spirit Airlines is offering one-way deals from as little as $25 if you book by Friday.

Southwest Airlines has hundreds of deals to all kinds of exotic locations ... like Des Moines, Iowa or Flint, Michigan.

I Can't Drive And I Don't Like Flying!

Amtrak is offering 25 percent off travel this week, depending on where you’re going. Also great to note: Children between the ages of two and 12 travel for a 50 percent discount, although they must be accompanied by an adult, presumably so parents can’t just ditch their kids on the train.