The pop music world is famous for outlandish styling and unconventional dressing. Stars like Madonna, Rihanna, Cyndi Lauper, Cher, and Katy Perry try to sell their music with outlandish clothes and accessories. But what makes Lady Gaga different is her indifference toward looking sexy.

Lady Gaga dominates all her award shows with the quirkiest outfits, from a dress made out of raw meat to one that was inspired by condoms.

At Sunday's MTV Music Video Awards in Los Angeles, she appeared as a male alter-ego, wearing a dirty white T-shirt over black pants, inviting scorn from fashion critics.

Most singers don't try to pull off a particular style if it isn't exactly flattering, but Gaga seems to have no qualms about looking androgynous. Most of her outfits are designed to distort her body, covering it partially or completely, or mask what she naturally looks like.

Here is her latest look, and some that went before: