Sirius radio host Howard Stern on Monday had a 90-minute chat with Lady Gaga about fame, sex, drugs and more.

Stern learned of Gaga's rise to world domination, which began with her love for the piano as a little girl, to her move to Manhattan and dropping out of college.

The megastar told Stern that she doesn't care too much for money, as she still lives in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. In fact, Lady Gaga said she only bought two things with the money she has made: a heart surgery and a car for her father.

The Monster Ball was really expensive and the next show will be really expensive and I will pay for it, Lady Gaga told Stern of upcoming plans.

But like everyone else, Stern had to ask about the singer's love life.

It's hard to find a boyfriend who doesn't mind a good tuck, Lady Gaga said, adding that her first love is music.

The Born This Way singer did dish however, that she got laid last night.

Reminiscing about her pre-fame days, Lady Gaga said used to do waitressing and used drugs. She now regrets her past drug use and warns others to stay away.

To any little sweethearts that are listening ... don't touch [cocaine], it's the devil.