Lady Gaga went bald for her performance of her single 'Hair' in the UK and now 'bald Gaga' is trending on Twitter wold-wide. Gaga put on the tourquoise wig she's been wearing lately halfway through the song, but really, Gaga looks great bald!

The song 'Hair' off her new album 'Born This Way' is about Gaga's self-expression. She went to a private school and wore a uniform so the only way she could express her individuality was through her hair. In her UK performance of the song she strips it down to just her voice and the piano. The effect of bald Gaga sitting at a piano singing about hair is actually kind of moving.

Some are saying that Gaga isn't actually bald and that it's one of those bald caps. I think they're insane. I could be wrong but it looks like Gaga is actually bald. Plus, she's pretty much always in a wig, would it just be easier/make more sense to be bald? She can use the money she saves on shampoo for more wigs or shoulder horns.

Whether she's actually bald or not, does it really matter? Her performance was amazing and powerful. There's a lot of American Little Monsters who wish they were in the UK at 'The Paul O'Grady Show' to see bald Gaga live and in action.

People on Twitter have been comparing bad Gaga to bald Britney but that's not really fair. Gaga's bald as part of her 'born this way' self-expression, power to the people, artistry. Britney shaved her head because she was in the middle of a nervous breakdown after years of touring, singing, dancing and pressure that robbed her of an adolesence. Perhaps, psychologically, that's why Gaga looks better bald than Britney?

Watch the performance below. Isn't that just a beautiful head?