Fashion has been a topic of songwriting for decades. Songs about clothes, high-end merchandise and living in total excess have made the top 40 more than a few times some because they're good and others because they're so bad they're good. You decide which are which--here's our list of the best songs about the fashion industry.

10. 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket' - Cake. I want a girl with shoes that cut--stilettos anyone? Basically this is a song about a well made-up girl in hot stilettos and a short skit and a long jacket. Mostly it just has a funky beat.


9. 'Supermodel' - Jill Sobule. This song made an appearance in the film 'Clueless' and describes a girl who just wants to be a trendsetting supermodel. It's a song about high, world changing aspirations...or something.

8. 'supermodel (You Better Work) - Rupaul. Fun beat. A man who looks better in tight skirts and heels than most women. Listen to Ru ladies--you better work cover girl.


7. 'Vogue' - Madonna. From the queen of daring fashion comes a song about (essentially) pleasing Anna Wintour. Pose for that 'Vogue' shoot, don't move, look hot, don't move.


6. 'Lagerfeld Lady' - Fritz Helder & The Phantoms. Don't we all wish we were a 'Lagerfeld lady'? All the Chanel you can wear!


5. 'Labels or Love' - Fergie. Fergie needs therapy (as per this song). She doesn't need emotional baggage she needs Dior. She's looking for fashion, not for love. Fergie takes the term 'retail therapy' to a whole new level.


4. 'Red High Heels' - Kellie Pickler. One of 'American Idol's' country darlings goes all Dorothy Gail on us and explains the very real world power of red high heels. See, there's this dude who pissed her off, so she's trolling around town flaunting her old boyfriend and her red high heels, singing 'nobody holds a candle to me in my red high heels.' Who knew stilettos are so powerful?


3. 'Fashion of His Love' - Lady Gaga. Gaga wrote this song for her friend, the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. You see, Gaga was insecure about love and life, but McQueen's designs apparently changed that.

2. 'Fashion' - David Bowie. Bowie's fashion sense usually includes spandex and body glitter but this time Bowie has turned fashion into a celebratory dance.


1. 'Fashion' - Lady Gaga. In this song Gaga proclaims her love for being 'model thin' and wearing designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Guccie, Fendi and Prada. She also swears in French because she just love Manolos and Jimmy Choos so much.