Lady Gaga attended a Democratic fundraiser dinner on Sunday night where she pressed President Obama to help in efforts to stop bullying in the wake of a teen fan's suicide.

Gaga paid the $35,800 per couple fee to attend a dinner fundraiser for the President at the home of Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, in Silicon Valley on Sunday night.

According to ABC News, she pressed President Obama regarding anti-bullying efforts during the question and answer session of the dinner. Gaga thanked the President on his efforts so far during his first term as President and urged the attendees in what MTV called a general plea to fight discrimination and prevent bullying.

Obama reportedly thanked her before speaking about the Obama administration's anti-bullying campaign already in place and spoke about the importance of values.

ABC also reported that she read aloud a letter from a fan about the suicide of Jamie Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old diehard Gaga fan who killed himself after a long history of bullying.

Jamey Rodemeyer, 14 yrs old, took his life because of bullying. Bullying must become illegal. It is a hate crime, Lady Gaga tweeted last Wednesday. The past days I've spent reflecting, crying, and yelling, she wrote. I have so much anger. It is hard to feel love when cruelty takes someone's life.

I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey, Gaga wrote the same day. While she didn't have an official meeting with the President, MTV reported that Gaga spoke for a few minutes with the President during her arrival for the fundraising dinner on Sunday.

According to pool reports from the White House, Lady Gaga wore a floor-length sleeveless lacy black dress, with her hair in a bouffant...with a black hair piece with a black veil down the back, Reuters reported. Her shoes, called sky-high heels by the White House, along with her hair made her taller than the President, who stands at 6-foot-1.

Cameras and press were not allowed in the event, accounting for the lack of photos and transcripts from Sunday night.

Lady Gaga reportedly sat in the center of one of the seven tables set up under a tent for the 70 guests, according to the Wall Street Journal, as President Obama spoke for about eight minutes, including remarks of his vision for America.