Lady Gaga was supposed to release her new single Judas on April 18, but Capital FM in London played the song Friday, during the radio station's Home Run program.

This isn't the first time Lady Gaga has released a song early. She played the same trick with her last hit, Born This Way.

On Thursday, Lady Gaga tweeted PawsUpForJudas! I've learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body.

True to her style, Judas is an electronic song very reminiscent to Bad Romance and Born This Way.

The song is off her latest album Born This Way. The album will be released in stores on May 23. Lady Gaga also created a video for Judas which she and her creative director Laurieann Gibson directed.

In a recent episode of Gagavision which Mother Monster released earlier this month she said Let the cultural baptism begin. If they were not who you were taught they would be, would you still believe?