Lady Gaga is a hit with the fans, but apparently the pop icon isn't much to work for. Or so claims a former personal assistant, who said in a new lawsuit she was overworked and underpaid.

Jennifer O'Neill, 41, alleges that Lady Gaga, 25, owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay. Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, apparently employed O'Neill for 13 months in 2010 as her personal assistant during the pop icon's 2010 Monster Ball world tour.

According to the New York Post, court papers filed in Manhattan federal court say O'Neil's duties for Lady Gaga included ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule.

O'Neill said she did her job according to the demands well, serving her needs in Lady Gaga's home on New York's Upper West Side, in stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses. O'Neill said in the legal filing she could not take breaks to eat or, at times, even sleep.

O'Neill claims she had to serve the needs of Lady Gaga, the Grammy Award-winner, from her earliest waking hour to spontaneous, random matters in the middle of the night.

O'Neill said she was paid a salary of $75,000 for the job. but worked 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime. In the lawsuit, she claims Lady Gaga's Mermaid Touring company owes her $380,000 in overtime pay. She is seeking that, plus more in damages.

A spokesperson for Lady Gaga told the Post the lawsuit is completely without merit.